The coming years are crucial for IFLA, and so for the thousands of libraries and the millions of people depending on them for their and their communities' development. IFLA's commitment to the UN sustainable development goals and to a closer partnership with both regional and global library associations to form a united front for freedom of speech and access to information through empowerment of local libraries  - needs a great leader. A leader who will inspire individuals and organisations to move forward towards a common vision. A leader who turns vision into strategy and energises step by step. A leader who is motivated by results and transfer that to the head quarter.

Chris Mackenzie is such a leader. I've worked with her in different projects for fifteen years, within the governing board of IFLA, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation Global Libraries, the Bertelsmann network. Not to mention the inspiration I got from her and her staff for my daily work as a city librarian of Stockholm, Sweden. She is a wise thinker and a strategic doer. She is warm, fun, brave and curious of the ongoing world around her and captures the opportunities. She makes people feel included and motivated and builds sustainable networks. The optimal president for IFLA.

Inga Lundén

Stockholm, Sweden

You are an exemplar of the innovative leader in our field. You led only the second of the 23 Things initiative that brought Web 2.0 to library land – and took 23 Things instantly international and proven as a key spark to change globally in our field by post-doctoral research. Our field moved immeasurably faster to our future because of your vision.


Your leadership and soft voice for change and innovation has been at the centre of our profession – in Australia and around the world. Your role in IFLA as well as your award winning leadership in ALIA and beyond is unbeatable.

Stephen Abram BA (hon), MLS, FSLA

Toronto, Canada

Christine's work has meant a lot for the international library community and for me personally. Her efforts and talent for networking,her willingness to share insights and ideas and her passion for library development has inspired European library leaders like me, and through a subtle but very effective networking and an indisputable organisational excellence her impact on colleagues all over the world has been tremendous. So the Australian library sector and indeed Chris herself can be proud not only of her many achievements in libraries in Brisbane and Melbourne and on the national scene but also and very much so of Chris's international outreach and her ability to influence the library field in general. 

Rolf Hapel, ‎Director of Citizens Services and Libraries

Aarhus, Denmark

I’ve known Christine for over 20 years both as a colleague and as a dear friend.  She is smart, innovative, collaborative, deliberative and fun. Her deep knowledge of libraries around the world coupled with her wealth of experience and ability to communicate broadly and inclusively make her the ideal leader for IFLA.  Christine understands the issues and challenges facing libraries of all types and, perhaps most importantly, knows how to bring people together to address these.  IFLA will be very well served with Christine as its President.

Susan Kent

Los Angeles, USA

Chris is widely acknowledged as an influential and effective leader able to build strong relationships and make a positive difference.   She thinks strategically, communicates clearly, and works collaboratively to deliver great results. 

Allison Dobbie, former General Manager Library Libraries and Information

Auckland, New Zealand

Once in a while there is someone in an industry that stands out. This person has passion and love for their work and wants to share this with others. They have talents, knowledge and skills that they hone and develop as they move forward in their career.  They often get to a point of being able to manage a significant workload, and also contribute as a leader in the future of their industry helping to steer the way forward. They generously give of their time and experience in service to the greater good, and reap the reward of extraordinary experience shared with colleagues (I'm thinking of all the glorious trips you organised.) 

Christine, you are such a person.

You have inspired a generation of peers by bringing the globe to our doorstep and enabling Australian libraries to learn from libraries around the world. You have helped to put Australia on the library  world map and have created a truly universal approach to the future of libraries world-wide. I just want to say "thank you" for all that you have done and all that you will continue to do. 

Beck Henshall, Beck Henshall Collaborations

Melbourne, Australia

On my worldwide library travels and work I ran across Christine in organising the ShanachieTour Down Under in 2008 and she has been one of my library leaders and visionaries to turn to ever since. Christine embraces opportunities, takes on challenges and builds bridges like no other. She has deep knowledge of libraries and years of experience in different fields of library work. Connecting people and setting course are key values to her and I am proud to call her my friend and colleague and seize all opportunities that arise to work with her.

Erik Boekesteijn, DOK

Delft, The Netherlands

I have known Christine for many years and have a very keen awareness of that outstanding contribution and leadership she has provided, both in Australia and internationally, for better public libraries for all, and in her capacity, as national president of the Australian Library and Information Association to all libraries in Australia. I wish her all the best.

Alan Bundy BA DipEd MLitt MLib AFAIM FALIA

Adelaide, South Australia

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