Governing Board meeting 1 May 2020

Report back to members

Here is an overview of what we discussed at the GB meeting:

Report of the GB meeting here

The video is here

About library associations – and why they are so important

Indonesian Library Association

The Indonesian Library Association celebrates its 48th birthday and Indonesia Library Day. 

My webinar presentation is here

And the powerpoint is here

AFLI Online forum

Libraries support e-learning and distance education

Presentation: IFLA: adjusting to a new normal available here

Webinar presentation here 


IFLA: strengthening the global voice of libraries

ALA virtual 2020 International Relations Roundtable session

This year, the theme for the IRRT Chair's Program is: Libraries as Social Change Engines.

Presentation is here

Recording here

Festival of Latvia Libraries

Webinar presentation

The Festival of Latvia Libraries is a largest annual event in Latvia's library field and gathers more than 500 librarians. It consists of two parts: 13th Congress of the Library Association of Latvia on 15 April and the Market of Ideas on 16 April. The Festival also includes an awards ceremony for the following: Librarian of the year, Library of the year, and Event of the year (2019).

Presentations at the conference will be closely connected to IFLA Strategy 2019-2014.

The Festival is organised by the Library Association of Latvia in close collaboration with the National Library of Latvia.

President Christine Mackenzie will deliver a keynote address.

Additional information: Latvijas Bibliotēku festivāls 2020 (in Latvian)

Powerpoint presentation here

Indonesian Library Association Congress, Surabaya, 10 October 2018

Setting the transformation of libraries in the context of the global vision for libraries and how it relates to the UN 2030 Agenda

Life after LIFE : New horizons for the municipal libraries in Turkey, Antalya Turkey 2 October 2018

A presentation on IFLA's Global Vision project setting the work in Turkey in a global context

Mechanics' Institutes of Victoria Inc. Wesson lecture, Prahran, 22 September 2018

A personal journey through Victorian public libraries over the past 40 years

Much ado about books seminar, Geelong, 12 September 2018

Overview of IFLA's Global Vision project and the International Advocacy Program for PLVN's Collections SIG and Reader Development SIG seminar.

Kuala Lumpur, 29 August 2018

1. Let's work together: collaborating and partnering to achieve IFLA's vision : Christine Mackenzie

2. Developing and connecting young library professionals, the INELI-Oceania story : Allison Dobbie, Auckland New Zealand

3. Advocacy improves perceptions to achieve our goals, AfLIA and the African Minsters responsible for libraries : Buhle Mbambo-Thata

4. Taking advantage of digital innovations in National Digital Library of India : Partha Pratim Das

5. Supporting collaborative reading and literacy programs in Peru : Ana Maria Talavera

Individually we are one drop, together we are the ocean

Story of the Pacific Libraries Network - APLIC August, 2018

Individually we are one drop, together we are the ocean

Allison Dobbie and Christine Mackenzie

Keynote address at APLIC 2018, Asia-Pacific Conference was for all Library and Information professionals, from all sectors and all areas of Australia and the international community.




GLAM18, Lake Macquarie, 2 July 2018

A global, regional and local view of the important role of local history for communities, highlighting challenges and suggesting ideas for overcoming them. 

Presentation at CONSAL XVII, Myanmar, May 2018

This keynote at CONSAL (Congress of Southeast Asian Librarians) describes the IFLA Global Vision project and emphasises the need for collaboration and partnerships. 

Presentation at IPLM Conference, New Delhi, September 2017

In this presentation to the Indian Public Library Movement Conference I spoke about how libraries are helping achieve the SDGs and the role of IFLA into the future. 

Libraries on the agenda: Sharing best practice examples from Asia-Oceania

Presentation at IFLA WLIC Wroclaw August 2017

I was very pleased to be able to talk about how libraries in the Asia-Oceania region are contributing to the UN 2030 Agenda at the Division V session at WLIC. 

I really enjoyed preparing this presentation as I found some wonderful examples of how libraries and individuals are changing people’s lives and making the world more sustainable.

The presentation is here.

A tour of Canadian public libraries 2016

I delivered this presentation to the Wyndham City Council Library staff at their annual Staff Day in April 2017. It highlights the wonderful libraries we visited in Canada in August / September 2016 and "libraryness" is explored through the four themes of partnerships, content, 3rd place and creative spaces. 

Presentation at State Library of Queensland, March 2017

Understanding how libraries are evolving and what trends are going to impact helps us to proactively manage our libraries and better plan services and programs. This presentation discusses societal and industry trends that are likely to affect the library field and our communities.

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