Address by incoming President, Athens 29 August 2019

Dear colleagues, dear friends

I am so happy, so proud and so delighted to be standing here as the incoming President of IFLA...(read more)

Pacific Libraries Network

The Pacific Libraries Network is a dynamic group of emerging and experienced leaders from across the Pacific including library practitioners, innovators and mentors, representatives of library associations and partnering institutions focused on developing leadership and priorities in library services across the Pacific region. The purpose and aims are laid out in the Pacific Libraries Summit Compact and Phase 1 activities as agreed in the Strategic Action Plan.

Here is a short history here


 INELI-Oceania, a project of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Global Libraries, ran from 2014-18. 

The highly rewarding four-year journey that has constituted the INELI-Oceania program concluded in June 2018 when twenty-six innovators from the two cohorts came together with program mentors and Steering Committee members in Pacific Harbour, Fiji, for a final Convening.  Over three days participants had many opportunities to share the highlights of their individual journeys and to have a greater insight of their Pacific colleagues through visiting libraries in Suva.

Here is the final report of the project. 

Press release here

IFLA President-elect 2017 - 19

Statement of candidacy

Great Public Library Tour 5

PLVN Great Public Library Tour 5 


Poland, Germany& Denmark

19 August - 8 September 2017

​Incorporating IFLA Wroclaw 2017 and tour of European Libraries - Aarhus, Stuttgart, Cologne, Bremen, Berlin, Hamburg

Great Public Library Tour 4

Incorporating IFLA Columbus Ohio and tour of Canadian Libraries - Toronto, Halifax, Edmonton and Vancouver 

2016 - Read about it on my blog. 

Great Public Library Tour 3

Incorporating IFLA Lyon, France

Visiting Strasbourg, Rheims, Paris, London, Oxford, Worcester, Birmingham

Great Public Library Tour 2

2010 saw GPLT2  to the USA to see their best public libraries.

We visited Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Columbus, Washington, Baltimore and New York.

We attended the American Library Association Summer conference in Washington DC with 20,000 other librarians from around the world.

Great Public Library Tour 1

The first Great Public Library Tour was in September 2008. We visited Singapore, Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Malmo, Amsterdam, Delft and back home via Hong Kong.

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